Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Imagine Cup 2011: and the winners are…

Congratulations to the winners of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2011, the world’s premier student competition with the theme: “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”! This year's final took place in New York City. 358,000 Students from around the world competed in 11 categories including Embedded Development. Each winning team was awarded $25,000.

…and the winners in the Embedded Development category are:

3rd place:
Endeavour_Design from Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania with a self-learning device aiming to reduce the mortality on the road by autarky avoiding obstacles in an unknown environment.

2nd place:
Harmonicare from Tsinghua University, China with a lung training system for people with respirator problems or breath diseases. This system converts the air flow into music by playing a harmonica and thus making lung training fun.

1st place:
NTHUCS from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan with a dynamic emergency exit sign system. This system detects smoke and fire in a building and changes the emergency exit signs accordingly. In addition, the system also uses lasers to guide people in heavy smoke.

Congratulations again! You can find a complete list of this year's winners here.

Have fun!
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Windows Embedded CE QFEs for June 2011 have arrived!

Hi all,

The June updates for Windows Embedded Compact are available for download:

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update June 2011:

Fixes made in this update:

Component: Audio
110629_KB2565014 - This update addresses some audio issues.

Component: Bluetooth
110622_KB2556378 - This update addresses some Bluetooth issues.

Component: FILESYS
110620_KB2567452 - CreateFile may fail if an encryption filter is installed

Component: Internet Explorer
110628_KB2561098 - Under certain circumstances some files may get deleted.
110620_KB2529145 - This update addresses an error message issue with .NET

WebBrowser control.
110616_KB2516345 - This update addresses an issue in Internet Explorer.
110603_KB2492873 - This update addresses an Internet Explorer issue.

Component: Profiler
110617_KB2565011 - An error may occur in kernel profiler when profiling symbols are not in the image.

Component: RDP
110630_KB2564314 - This update addresses an issue with copying large files to an external storage.
110610_KB2563896 - This update allows the text box for user name to auto-scroll and lets users to enter more than 256 characters.
110602_KB2546729 - This update addresses RDP connection issue.

Component: RNDIS
110630_KB2565015 - The RNDIS code may not check for the ActiveSync class on the USB descriptor.

Component: SMBFile
110617_KB2566204 - Under certain circumstances SMB server may return a message "File not Found".
110608_KB2543310 - This update addresses an issue with copying files from Windows 7 or Windows Vista to the device.

Component: SOAP
110629_KB2563721 - SOAP operation encoding style check may return E_OUTOFMEMORY.

Component: USB
110627_KB2566210 - Under certain circumstances MediaChangeThread may run indefinitely.

Component: WININET
110628_KB2559141 - This update addresses an issue with WININET not putting the SOAP payload in the POST.
110615_KB2529117 - Under certain circumstances an exception may occur.

Windows CE 5.0 Monthly Update June 2011:

Fixes made in this update:

Component: Internet Explorer
110603_KB2492870 - This update addresses an Internet Explorer issue.
110615_KB2444620 - This update addresses an Internet Explorer issue.
110616_KB2516348 - This update addresses an Internet Explorer issue.

Remember: it’s important to keep your system up to date!

Have fun!
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

embeddedSPARK2011: And the winner is….

Hi folks,

I am very excited to announce the winner of this years embeddedSPARK challenge:

3rd place:
Marco Boidora, Software Engineer at BEPS Engineering in Italy and last year’s Grand Champion with his digital embedded blackboard project Post-It.

2nd place:
Gianni Rosa Gallina, Software engineer at BEPS Engineering in Italy with his pantry management system KitchenPal that syncs over the phone and the cloud.

And this year’s grand champion is…
Sebastian Londoño, Researcher at the Universidad ICESI in Cali, Colombia with his flying drone, aimed to reduce the number of deaths and injuries when natural disasters occur: ArS8ver.

All of this year’s projects are great; thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners! Hope to see you all next year. I am happy to be a judge again next year.

Have fun!
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