Thursday, 17 March 2011

Windows Embedded CE QFEs for February 2011 have arrived!

hi all,

latest updates for Windows Embedded CE are available for download. Some issues have been resolved, no time to loose and get them now! More information for each update is provided in the Readme document available after the individual update(s) has been installed.

Windows Embedded CE 5.0 Monthly Update February 2011:

Fixes made in this update:

Component:  ASN1

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update February 2011:

Fixes made in this update:

Component:  ASN1

Component:  CETK

  • 110225_KB2444533 - This release installs updated CETK test files.

  • 110224_KB2495864 - This update addresses an error that may occur when radiometricsdll is launched.

Component:  DirectX

  • 110214_KB2495868 - Memory leak may occur when using ceplayer.exe to play AVI and WMV files through playlist with repeat playback option.

Component:  Filesys

Component:  Flash Lite

  • 110222_KB982918 - This update addresses an issue with flash not rendering under certain circumstances.

Component:  FSD

  • 110209_KB2492043 - An exception may occur when unplugging and external storage device while playing a file from it.

Component:  Internet Explorer

  • 110221_KB2450800 - Screen is not properly redrawn in Internet Explorer if a floating window is shown inside a window and scrollbars are moved.

Component:  NK

  • 110211_KB982563 - This update implements L2 cacheable page table support for ARM processor.

Component:  Pictor

  • 110224_KB2465661 - This update adds registry entries to support custom resolution entries for Pictor screen.

Component:  RDP

  • 110210_KB2175812 - When connecting from a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 device to Windows 2003 server or later, the state of the CAPS LOCK/NUM LOCK keys may not be correctly updated from the RDP client device to the terminal server.

Keep your OS up to date!

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Friday, 4 March 2011

Windows Embedded Compact 7 – Train The Trainer

Hi folks,

Even though the 2011 MVP Summit is over, I am still in Bellevue participating in the Windows Embedded Compact 7 Train The Trainer Session today and tomorrow.

This will bring me up to date on the latest Windows Embedded technology and enable me to deliver the content out to you guys!

Great that I am able to combine these two valuable events in one trip!

Have fun!
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Thursday, 3 March 2011

MVP Summit 2011: Day 3

Hi folks,

The last day of this years global MVP Summit was the most productive as all the sessions were deep dive sessions with the Windows Embedded Product Group.

But the best part about theses sessions were that they were give and take; the Microsoft Product team was eager to hear our feedback as well as pain points, but they also shed some light about some future visions.

The last event of the 2011 MVP Summit was the attendee party: Microsoft rented Safeco Field – the Seattle baseball stadium. There were a lot of activities such as running the bases, homerun practice, pitching training, 2 live bands, 2 former Seattle Mariners All-Star-Players…

Thank you so much Microsoft for this years MVP Summit; it was a blast and really valuable!

Have fun!
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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

MVP Summit 2011: Day 2

Hi folks,

Day 2 of the 2011 global MVP Summit here in Bellevue and Redmond started out with Steve Ballmers Keynote which was really interesting.

We spent the afternoon with the Product Group. Theses sessions were particularly interesting as we got an inside of the latest developments in the Windows Embedded Product Group. These sessions also focused on our - the MVPs - feedback which is also great.

The Product Group event which took place in the evening was a great way to interact even more with the Microsoft guys as well as the fellow MVPs!

Today the sessions where we interact with the Product Group will continue but they will be split up in Windows Embedded Compact as well as Windows Embedded Standard sessions. I can’t wait.

Have fun!

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EB @ Embedded World 2011

As I mentioned in yesterday's talk at the Exhibitor's Forum (Embedded World 2011) you can now get the slides of the talk about Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE). Thank you very much again for being interested. Your valueable feedback given and discussions held after the presentation have shown that Silverlight is really on focus of the community.

Feel free to drop me a few lines via email if I can be helpful to you clarifying things. You are welcome!

You still have the chance to find us at our Microsoft partner booth in hall 11 until tomorrow evening. Subjects that can be discussed and presented there include

TerreStar Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Satellite Phone and
  • Cellular Smartphone
EB Guide Studio
  • Graphics Target Framework
  • Speech Target Framework
  • HMI development
  • EB GUIDE XAML plugin
as well as our offerings on Windows Embedded Services and Consulting and Training Services.

-- Oliver Merkel
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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Windows Embedded Compact 7 release

Hi folks,

Microsoft just released Windows Embedded Compact 7, the successor of Windows Embedded CE today! The official launch in Europe was on the Embedded World. So you see I didn’t exaggerate when I told you in yesterdays post that you would not be disappointed if you visit the Microsoft booth. You still have 2 days to visit the Microsoft booth at the Embedded World to get the latest news on Windows Embedded Compact 7, so hurry up!

New features of Windows Embedded Compact 7 include:
  • SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing)
  • ARM v5, ARM v6 and ARM v7 support
  • Updated and improved Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE) now based on Silverlight 3; including the WEST (Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools) to automatically convert your Silverlight C# applications logic to SWE C++ application logic
  • Multitouch and touch gestures
  • New Internet Explorer Embedded based on IE 7 including Flash 10.1 integration
  • Improved Connection Manager and Device Stage
  • New Bootloader framework
  • New Office and PDF viewers including support for Office 2007.

Find the Windows Embedded Compact 7 Datasheet here.

Download the 180 days free trial Version of Windows Embedded Compact 7 here.

Have fun!
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MVP Summit 2011: Day 1

Hi folks,

The MVP Summit 2011 started today in Redmond on the Microsoft Campus. There are over 1500 MVPs from 76 countries here onsite. So this is a really great opportunity to meet and have very interesting discussions both with fellow MVPs and with the Microsoft guys!

I can not blog about the actual contend of the sessions as that is under NDA.

The sessions today were not yet in the product groups. I went to some sessions about Visual Studio and Windows Phone 7; it was really great. However, the sessions I am looking forward to the most will take place tomorrow and on Wednesday – the ones that will be directly with the Windows Embedded product group!

I am off to the Welcome Reception now…

Have fun!
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Embedded World 2011

Hi folks,

as you all know the Embedded World in Nürnberg, one of the most important international trade fairs for the embedded community will start today (March 1st to March 3rd). All I gotta say is you will not be disappointed if you come to the Microsoft booth on March 1st!

Come and meet EB at the Microsoft booth. Oliver Merkel of EB will hold a presentation about Silverlight for Windows Embedded.

Unfortunately I will not be in Nürnberg as I am in Bellevue/Redmond, WA for the MVP Summit 2011.

Have fun!
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