Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Will the future see more .NET Micro Framework?

A couple of weeks ago I was - at last - able to show off one of the smart watches we had been working on; running .NET Micro Framework. "Well, that's nothing new!", you might say.

But, how about having map data on that watch and being able to zoom in and out and move around on that map - and all of that with good graphics and good performance!

Picture this: After arriving here in Erlangen you download a map of Erlangen into your watch and that directs you directly to the "Bergkirchweih" - Assuming you visit Erlangen between May 28 and June 8, 2009.

So to answer my question: I'm absolutely sure we will see more .NET Micro Framework in the future.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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