Thursday, 11 September 2008

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and VoIP

R2 of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 comes with a completely rebuilt VoIP application suite consisting of the Homescreen Application, the Phone Application, the Settings Application and the Bootstrap Application. It can be found under _WINCEROOT\PUBLIC\FP_VOIP. The old VoIP solution which was introduced with Windows CE 4.2 is still available under _WINCEROOT\PUBLIC\VOIP.

The new VoIP application suite is available both in landscape and portrait mode. The source code is the same for both versions; they only differ in the resource files.

Why am I telling you this you might ask? This information is already available on the net! Well I want to give you a few hints on how to configure this exciting and new VoIP suite:

Once you have R2 installed and you want to use the new VoIP suite you simply have to set up a new OSDesign using the VoIP OSDesign Template. By default this uses the landscape version and excludes the Bootstrap Application but you can easily change this after setting up your OSDesign.

After building, your platform will start-up into the Homescreen Application of the new VoIP suite. You might notice that you don’t have any possibility to configure the phone lines. To do so, you have to start the Settings Application manually: call phsettings from the devices command prompt or start the Settings Application from Platform Builder. Now you can apply the SIP server settings on a per line basis (there are up to 5 individual lines) under: System Settings->Line Configuration->Line <#>. To configure the chosen line, press the Edit button. Enter the administrator pin. The default Administrator pin is 112233 and is defined in _WINCEROOT\PUBLIC\FP_VOIP\OAK\PHONE\RESOUCES\strings.rc (IDS_DEFAULT_ADMIN_PIN). Please note that this pin differs from the pin that can be set from the Homescreen Application when selecting the Lock button!

Now you should be all set to get the VoIP connection working.

Have fun!

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