Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Quebec to be based on Windows 7!

If you read the comment on one of my last posts on Embedded Standard, you know that I was expecting some news around "Quebec" soon, considering these eventful weeks.

However, the news from Kevin Dallas - general manager of Microsoft's Windows Embedded business - during a Keynote at the ESC in Boston was not what I expected; but could prove to be the right step in developing Windows Embedded Standard forward.

This announcement also answers Pats question if and when there will be a 64bit version of Windows Embedded POSReady - the successor of WEPOS.

Kevin told attendees "Quebec" will not only provide OEMs with "exciting new input capabilities," such as multitouch, gesture support, and other user interface enhancements but also - at long last - be newly available in a 64-bit version.

So when will "Quebec" be available?
Rumor has it that the new desktop OS will be released to manufacturing in October 2009 and John Doyle - Microsoft Product Manager - noted that the embedded version, Quebec, will be available "within a number of quarters" after the desktop edition's release.

Hence the time frame I assumed when answering Pats question seems to be a fairly good bet - only now with the better foundation!

Here is the official Press Release.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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