Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Windows CE: Catalog file issue

Hi everybody,

You might come across the problem that even though you created your catalog item correctly, when selecting it, it will appear as excluded from build:

When you look at the reason why your catalog item is excluded from build it will tell you:
The <myAudioDll.dll> file is not referenced in the BSP’s bib file. The BSP may not support this driver.
How can this be, you might ask yourself, I did include it in platform.bib! Well you run into this particular problem if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The driver is referenced in the platform.bib file via an #include statement and not directly
  • you specified the module name in the catalog item file
In this case your driver will still be built and included in your image. In oder to fix the catalog item view all you need to do is get rid off the module definition in your catalog item file. Et voilá, now the catalog item will no longer be displayed as excluded from build.

Have fun!


nathasion said...

thank you for your post, I have indeed encountered the exactly same problem with other items.
the thing is I really don't understant what you mean by getting rid off the module definition in the catalog item file. Can you explain what to remove exactly, and also how to update the view?

Thank you again

Nathaniel P.

Jochen Dieckfoß [MVP] said...

Hello Nathaniel,

Thanks for you comment, I am glad I could help out. To get rid of the module definition, simply open the .pbcxml file in Platform Builder and switch to the “source view” or open the .pbcxml file in any editor of your choice. Now find the &ltModule&gtSomeDllName.dll&lt/Module&gt tag in your .pbcxml file and remove it.

Best regards