Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Error during installation of CE6 SDK

You get the error "ToolsMsmCA(Error): IHxFilters filter registration failure..."?

(complete error message:
ToolsMsmCA(Error): IHxFilters filter registration failure: Err = 0x80040305, Context = pFilters->SetNamespace( Namespace )followed by:ToolsMsmCA(Error): IHxRegisterSession transaction failure: Err = 0x8004036f, pRegSession->CommitTransaction()

There is a fix from Microsoft:

The installation only fails when the 'Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration' is installed.
After uninstalling this package, the SDK installed fine.


(found this tip on MS web site


anandukrish said...

i too had the same problem and it was solved by turning of the user control options feature

Nandus said...

@anandukrish.. Sir, can you explain step by step to solve the problem?... I too had the same problem.. please can you verification your commant for me, please?