Monday, 23 November 2009

The fastest way to activate COMPILE_DEBUG=1 simply to select it in the menu. Look!
Huuuh? Your platform builder doesn't offer this option? What a shame! Okay, let's tune it up with a small add in! It won’t hurt – and besides, I already did the work: Please find it here.
I provide it with source code, therefore one appeal: Feel free to modify and improve it, but please share it with us and leave a comment where we’ll find it. Thanks! Also drop me a line if you find it useful at all, then I’ll think about more...

I also added shortcuts to open the release directory, reginit.ini and ce.bib...

One remark: "Compile as debug" is set globally in Visual Studio, so deactivate it before you do a blddemo.

Enjoy it!


This macro definition specifies that Build.exe must pass debug macro definitions to the linker and compiler even if WINCEDEBUG is set to retail. If COMPILE_DEBUG is set when WINCEDEBUG is set to retail, the libraries linked are the release libraries.

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