Monday, 29 March 2010

Advanced debugging ... (Part 1)

Hello guys,

I will start a small blog-post-series about debugging, debug information and interpretion of them.
Let's start!!!

when bringing up a Windows Embedded CE device, you might have come across a “data abort” exception and will get a trace like this:

Data Abort: Thread=03530002 Proc=8403185c 'xxxxx.exe'

AKY=00000005 PC=03f74680(zzzzzzz.dll+0x00014680) RA=03257104(yyyyy.dll+0x00037104) BVA=060000e0 FSR=00000007

This output is maybe valuable, but at first what does the all shortcuts e.g. “AKY” mean? It’s listed below:

  • AKY means “Access key’"
  • PC means “Program counter”
  • BVA means “Base virtual address”
  • FSR à Fault status register

If you need more information about the meaning of the printed exception string flags, then take a look at:

Have fun!

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