Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Parsing logfiles …

Have you ever been annoyed by searching logfiles to get the “right” information?

Do you have a logfile like this?

08:09:29-INFO-Main.cpp-Starting app
08:09:29-DEBUG-Main.cpp-Load HMI
08:09:29-DEBUG-Main.cpp-Load x.lib
08:09:29-DEBUG-Main.cpp-Load y.lib
08:09:29-DEBUG-Main.cpp-Load z.lib
08:09:29-ERROR-Main.cpp-Cannot find a.lib

Then take a short look at the smart tool called “Uyoo”. It allows you to define regular expressions for general logfile parsing, e.g. for the very simple logfile above:



Additionally you can specify a filter to show only the selected/required lines in the logfile (very useful in large logfiles), which gives you a better overview of the log.


You can download this JAVA-based (installation of JAVA environment V1.6 is required) tool here.

Just try it!

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