Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Windows Embedded Roadmap 2011 announced!

Hi folks,

I promised you some very interesting news in my Windows Embedded Channel & Partner Summit 2011 post and I can finally share them with you:

Yesterday Microsoft presented a long overdue Windows Embedded roadmap (find the official press release here).

The roadmap focuses on next generation embedded devices known as Intelligent Systems that extend cloud services and enterprise software to specialized devices. Basically an Intelligent System consist of
1. Thin client devices collecting data in the field
2. Connected to any number of servers running intelligent back-end application(s) analyzing and computing the collected data. Upon completion of data analysis instructing the thin client(s) what to do in this specific situation
3. Thru continuous collection of data by the thin client(s) (over years) the Intelligent System gets better and better results

This scenario shows that data and insights become the fundamental benefits.

Microsoft promises a One Platform approach to best support Intelligent Systems:

Windows Embedded Standard v. Next:
- Based on Windows 8 technologies
- Componentize able version of Windows 8
- Supports x86, x64 and ARM SoC
- Natural User Interface (NUI): touch, gesture, speech, …
- Community Technology Preview (CTP): first quarter 2012
- RTM: 3 quarters after Windows 8

Windows Embedded Enterprise v. Next:
- Based on Windows 8 technolgies
- Supports x86, x64 only
- RTM: 1 quarter after Windows 8

Windows Embedded Compact v. Next:
- Still based on CE core: real-time, small footprint
- Smart Device support for native application development support in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio v. Next
- Unfortunately no mentions of future of managed application support as well as future of .NET Compact Framework
- File system improvements to handle generated and collected data
- Kernel improvements
- RTM: 2nd half 2012

Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows Embedded Automotive, Windows Embedded POSReady v. Next:
- Microsoft is investing in the future of these products

With this roadmap, Microsoft does show their long-term commitment in the embedded market so go ahead and start you Windows Embedded project with a quiet conscience!

Have fun!

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