Friday, 13 April 2012

Windows Embedded Compact QFEs for March 2012 have arrived!

Hi all,

the March updates for Windows Embedded Compact are available for download:

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Monthly Update March 2012 (Update 9):

Fixes made in this Update:

Component: Catalog
· 120330_KB2666258 - This update adds support for Calibrui module.

Component: CoreOS
· 120322_KB2636175 - This update addresses some issues with UNISCRIBE.
· 120331_KB2693667 - An error may occur when using BINFS and setting COMPRESSION=OFF.

Component: DirectX
· 120313_KB2680238 - An out of memory error may occur when parsing certain WMA files with large file headers.

Component: Networking
· 120316_KB2678235 - Timeout of IcmpSendEcho may not work correctly.
· 120320_KB2686797 - The event notifications (NOTIFICATION_EVENT_NET_CONNECT and NOTIFICATION_EVENT_NET_DISCONNECT) are not being raised.
· 120309_KB2672387 - IPv6 default gateway address is not displayed when ipconfig command is issued.
· 120331_KB2672189 - Users are not able to disable the IPV6 temporary address by setting the registry 'UseTemporaryAddresses' to '0'. A new registry is added to configure the 'Temporary IPV6 address'. The default value is set to '1' (enabled). [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip6\Parms\GlobalParams] "UseTemporaryAddresses"=dword:1
· 130331_KB2675756 - Memory leak may occur when adding/removing interfaces.

Component: OSShell
· 120308_KB2683496 - When screen is rotated, an opened alchemy application appears on top of Z-order.

Component: SCHANNEL
· 120319_KB2650116 - This update addresses an issue in Schannel.

Component: Tools
· 120330_KB2689819 - This update addresses some build issues with the cloned modules.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update March 2012:

Fixes made in this Update:

Component: COMM
· 120329_KB2679890 - Winsock goes into waiting state while receiving data and may cause some data failures.

Component: DevMgr
· 120313_KB2685136 - An error may occur when USB Mass Storage device is plugged and unplugged.

Component: Filesys
· 120320_KB2676298 - Under certain circumstances a deadlock may occur.

Component: Internet Explorer
· 120312_KB2675735 - IME On/Off modes are not working as expected.

Component: Kernel
· 120319_KB2686451 - Under certain circumstances time shifts of one hour may occur.
· 120316_KB2684184 - DebugZones set in the registry are not honored for modules that load in boot phase 0.

Component: MSFlash
· 120319_KB2687725 - System hang may occur during boot up.

Windows CE 5.0 Monthly Update March 2012:

Fixes made in this Update:

Component: TimeSVC
· 120313_KB2683396 - This is a DST update for Chile.

Remember: it’s important to keep your system up to date!

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