Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The future of Windows Embedded Compact and the .NET Compact Framework

Hi folks,

The important news: Windows Embedded Compact is alive and kicking; Microsoft is putting a lot of effort in the Windows Embedded Compact v. Next! Here are the latest highlights of what’s coming with Windows Embedded Compact v. Next:
  • Still based on CE core: hard-real-time, small footprint
  • Supported CPUs: x86, ARM v6T2, ARM v7
  • Native (C++) and managed (C#) application development support in Visual Studio 11
  • .NET Compact Framework update
  • Faster OS boot (2 seconds from power-on)
  • Kernel update: increased file system performance
  • Hardware –optimized code paths for Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE)
  • SWE UI development tools in Expression Blend

Windows Embedded Compact v. Next will presumably RTM in the 1st quarter of 2013.

Have fun!


Alex said...

Good to hear the news, because it certainly looked all but dead (at least the .NET CF)

We have been eyeing CE for the next version of our industrial controller, but recently started considering Linux as a more stable alternative (from a long-term perspective).

Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to re-invigorate its embedded platform, otherwise it will remain a fringe player.

anand shah said...

Can I use .Net Framework(General) on windows 7 embedded Compact or I have to use .net compact framework only?