Friday, 22 June 2012

Windows Phone 8: details revealed

Microsoft revealed the first (but not complete) details on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 (WP8) at the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco:

  • WP8 will be based on the desktop Windows 8 kernel
  • WP7 and WP7.5 devices (Windows Embedded Compact 7 kernel) will NOT be updateable to WP8
    • WP7.8 will provide some features of WP8 to WP7 and WP7.5
  • However, WP7 and WP7.5 apps will run on WP8
  • multicore processor support
  • NFC-chips for mobile payment and data transfer
  • Multiple screen resolutions: WVG (800x480), WXGA (1280x768) and 720p (1280x720)
  • MicroSD support
  • Memory will be Bitlocker encrypted
  • Enterprises can deploy apps outside of Marketplace
  • Metro-Style UI will be further customizable:
    • Scaling of tiles
    • More tile colors
    • Developers can further customize tiles to better fit their apps
  • Deeply embedded Skype calling

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Good decision for Windows Phone. But this means Windows Embedded Compact is dead...

Jochen Dieckfoß [MVP] said...

Hi Anonymous,

thanks for your comment, but I disagree with you about Windows Embedded Compact being “dead”. Check out Microsoft’s current roadmap that includes some cool feature updates to Windows Embedded Compact: Post

Have fun!