Friday, 7 September 2012

Windows Embedded Compact QFEs for June 2012 have arrived!

Hi all,

the June updates for Windows Embedded Compact are available for download:

Fixes made in this update:

Component: Catalog
120608_KB2708168 - This fix updates the CeBase.PbcXml file to include a number of Catalog items as approved content for the "C7NR" SKU.

Component: CoreOS
120628_KB2708316 - Under certain circumstances the system locale may not get updated correctly.

Component: DHCP
120608_KB2711628 - DHCP may cause an extra connect/disconnect on Media Sense event processing.

Component: Storage
120606_KB2646031 - This update addresses FSDMGR race conditions and deadlock issues between multiple threads operating on stores, partitions and PNPThread functions.

Component: Tools
120606_KB2710541 - Under certain circumstances the Kernel Tracker tool takes longer than expected to open the CeLog file.

Fixes made in this update:

Component: CoreOS
120621_KB2718736 - This update addresses an issue with the focus in the listbox.

Component: DirectX
120620_KB2724694 - An error may occur when a corrupted WMA file is opened.

Component: GDI
120606_KB2711135 - PolyLine function may render incorrect results.

Fixes made in this update:

Component: Internet Explorer
120601_KB2712960 - This update addresses some Internet Explorer issues.

Component: Security
120606_KB2712421 - A device may not be able to connect to SMB share via USB RNDIS

REMEMBER: It’s important to keep your system up to date!

Have fun!

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