Friday, 22 August 2008

NavReady and SideShow

Here's something I just came across while preparing a post about "Inside of NavReady".

After installing NavReady 2009 I went through the catalog items to see if all the goodies were there, such as MSN Direct Support, LS4D and SideShow support etc. I found everything except for SideShow! A closer look at the NavReady Documentation then gave me a hint:

"Windows SideShow for Windows CE 5.0 is a separate installed product. It must be downloaded and installed in order to be added to an existing installation of Windows CE 5.0."

I checked Microsofts Download site and found this:
Windows® SideShow™ Device Components for Windows® CE 5.0

After downloading and installing the SidesShow Device Components I was able to add SideShow components to my OS Design:

After installation you will also find the C# SideShow Console Sample under _WINCEROOT%\Public\Servers\SDK\Samples\SideShow\Console

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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