Monday, 4 August 2008

Windows Mobile API Usage Tool

Hi Folks,

MS has released the Windows Mobile API Usage Tool. This tool performs static analysis of applications and binaries designed to run on Windows Mobile devices and reports on the usage of system APIs and other resources. The goal of the tool is to provide a report of system dependencies to the application developer, optionally including the deprecated APIs that the application may currently depend on.

It is a commandline tool, its name is wmaut.exe and the output is a SQL database file (*.sdf).
Take a look at the calling syntax below:
wmaut [options] [databaseFile.sdf] [index/Fileapplication/Filedirectory]

The following options are provided:

  • /resume Restart a previous execution

  • /overwrite Overwrite the given databaseFile

  • /deprecated At conclusion, reports on usage of deprecated APIs

  • /anonymize Anonymize name and path in given database

  • /noarch Analyze pre-extracted files from given directory

If you're interested in this tool, it is available at:

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