Monday, 2 February 2009

Windows CE: Development tools considerations part IV

Hi all,

Today let’s answer our 3rd question.

What files do I actually need to check into my version control tool?

Well as a general rule you don’t need to check in any generated files or files that you did not alter. Just as a reminder please only alter code in your BSP, which of course resides in the Platform directory! It is also possible to add code to the Public directory such as a file system but do not alter existing code anywhere but in your BSP! If code adjustments are necessary, please clone the code to your BSP before altering the code!
Well that said let’s see what we actually need to check in:

  1. Project settings which can be found in our OSDesigns directory. Now remember, generated code is not needed in our version control so we only need to check in a couple files here. For instance we do not need to check in the Reldir subfolder.

  2. Our BSP which can be found in the Platform directory

  3. If needed any 3rd Party components we added to the Public directory such as a new file system.

So you see there are only a handful of files that would need to be checked in into our version control system.

Have fun!

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