Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Windows 7 for Embedded Systems soon to be launched

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the latest version of one of the not so well known members of the Windows Embedded family, Windows 7 for Embedded Systems (FES) is to be launched at a series of events from September 14th to October 22nd, co-hosted by Microsoft, Intel and Avnet.
Due to the current feedback on Windows 7, Windows 7 FES will surely replace Windows Vista FES.

So what is this Windows FES? Another embedded operating system? And if yes, how does it fit inbetween Windows Embedded CE and Windows Embedded Standard?

So to answer the first question: No, Windows FES is not really another "embedded" operating system. It is merely a different licensing model of Microsofts desktop operating system, allowing OEMs to use the fully functional version when footprint is not an issue (lucky guys ;-).

The next version of Windows Embedded Standard 2010, codename Quebec, is also based on Windows 7 however can be componentized to suit the OEMs specific needs and to reduce the footprint of the OS on the device.

To find out more about the "Embedded Revolution" have a look here:

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