Thursday, 13 August 2009

Windows Embedded CE: We call it a Klassiker (Part IV)

Hi folks,

imagine the following scenario:
You created a Windows Embedded CE OSDesign and successfully built (Build -> Build Solution from the PlatformBuilder menu) your image. So far so good, but now you realized that you have a couple of catalog items selected that you don’t need and since it is always a good idea to decrease your image size if possible you deselect those catalog items. Now you build your image again (possibly only parts of your image as you want to save time) but afterwards all the deselected components are still included in your image!

So what went wrong?
You should have simply used Rebuild, or more precisely Clean Sysgen, as the entries for the now deselected components are still in your .bib and .reg files from the first build.

Have fun!

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