Monday, 5 October 2009

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3: IESAMPLE_EXR

Hi folks,

as promised I will now talk about the new sample Internet Explorer which uses Silverlight for Windows Embedded. In addition to the features of the regular IESAMPLE it also has a tiling engine which supports Touch Gestures (if supported by your OSDesign), better graphical performance with hardware acceleration, as well as scrolling and zooming.

If Touch Gestures are supported in your OSDesign, the tiling engine in IESAMPLE_EXR manages a flick or pan gestures to scroll the page and a double-tap to zoom the page. You can find the source code that handles Touch Gestures under _PUBLICROOT\IE\OAK\IESAMPLE_EXR\CORE\TileWindow.cpp. Look for code that begins with WM_GESTURE:

By default, a web page will load to fit your screen width. You can find the source code that handles zooming under _PUBLICROOT\IE\OAK\IESAMPLE_EXR\UI\ZoomController.cpp.

The following two screen shots show the IESAMPLE_EXR application in non-full-screen-mode and in full-screen-mode. The application loads in non-full-screen-mode so you can type in the URL you wish to navigate to. Upon single tap, IESAMPLE_EXR changes to full-screen-mode.

Did you notice the two/three buttons on the right hand side? The upper two buttons are for zooming in and zooming out while the third button allows you to exit the full-screen-mode. As you can see there are also some navigation and settings buttons at the bottom of the window in non-full-screen-mode.

You can use Silverlight for Windows Embedded to customize both functionality and UI of IESAMPLE_EXR.

As you can see the IESAMPLE_EXR application can be used as sample for two of the exciting, new features in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3:
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded and

  • Touch Gestures

Have fun!

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Anupam said...

Hi.. I read this blog of urs....
Actually i want to run swf file or swf generated html files on ie of winCE 6.0 R3. I am not able to run swf or html file even after including sysgen_iesample and sysgen_ieflashlite. Need HELP!!!