Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New interesting MSDN technical articles available

Hello guys,

there are few new MSDN articles about Windows Mobile 6.5. Take a short look into the intro of them and check them out!

  • “Developing Web Applications for Internet Explorer Mobile 6 on Windows Mobile 6.5”

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 provides many features that Web developers can use to provide a rich user experience on a mobile device. However the form factor of mobile devices and the way that devices access the network mean that developers should make special considerations for Windows phone Web applications. Internet Explorer Mobile 6 provides all the facilities for developers to customize code for mobile devices.

for more information follow this link.

  • “Developing Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5”

Windows Mobile devices offer a rich user experience and a wealth of features for device users on the move. Windows Mobile widgets are applications written using Web development techniques; they connect to Web services to obtain and display data. Widgets can deliver business data, weather information, news updates, traffic maps, and even slide shows of online photo albums. The flexibility of JavaScript and Web development techniques of dynamic markup and style sheets, coupled with the new widget objects mean that Web developers can produce rich applications with the appearance of native Windows Mobile applications.

for more information follow this link.

  • “Case Study: A Facebook Application for Windows Mobile 6”

This case study looks at a Windows Mobile 6 software client for Facebook, developed by Matchbox Mobile. We explore the problem to solve, the challenges to overcome, and the Windows phone features to maximize. We describe useful strategies for Windows Mobile development based upon our experiences developing the Facebook client. If you are a developer or product manager, this document should offer useful insights into creating a high-quality client application for Windows phones.

for more information follow this link.

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