Thursday, 1 April 2010

0 Projects in PlatformBuilder?

Hi all,

today I experienced a strange PlatformBuilder behaviour: As usual I opened the solution I am currently working on but everything was blank, my solution was gone!

My first thought was to reimport my entire OSDesign from my version-control which would result in loosing all my recent changes and spending an hour or so rebuilding my entire solution. Luckily for me there was a much simpler and faster way to get my solution back:

Upon comparing my .sln file with the one from my version-control I noticed that two sections were missing in mine:
Project … EndProject and
GlobalSeleciton(ProjectConfigurationPlatfroms) … EndGlobalSelection.

I just copied over those two sections and voilá I had my solution working again!

Have fun and Happy Eastern!


paolopat said...

In your post I don't see the missing lines....

Jochen Dieckfoß [MVP] said...

Hi paolopat,

seems like the editor played an April Fool on me...the missing sections are back.

Best regards