Thursday, 29 April 2010

Increase Platform Builder download speed

Hi all,

have you ever wondered what the "TFTP block size in bytes" edit field in the "Connectivity Options->Ethernet Download Settings" dialog is for?
With this option, introduced in the CE 6 eboot, you can configure the size of image data transferred in a single ethernet package. This lets you configure the ce image download speed.
You can set this value in the range of 512KB up to 1024 KB, the default value is 512 KB. If you set this value to 1024, your download speed could theoretically double. In real live the increase depends on your device.
We have made some tests with different devices and the speed increase varies between 100KB/s (slower device) and 300 KB/s (faster device).

If you have a CE6 based eboot on your device try it and see the result.

By the way, there is a new version of the CEDownlaoder tool availabe. A serial terminal has been included and the download view can be configured to close automatically if download succeeds. You can download it here .



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