Saturday, 15 May 2010

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update April 2010 available

Hi guys,

the latest Windows CE updates have been recently released and are available for download, in this month only for Windows CE 6.0. Some important issues (especially the fix of the kernel) have been resolved so get them now!

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update April 2010

Follow this link and download the latest QFEs.                      Fixes made in this update:

Component:  CAPI2

  • 100429_KB979675 - This update adds support for SHA2 signature algorithms to the CryptoAPI 2.0.

Component:  COMM

  • 100416_KB981375 - The DNSQuery_W function does not return valid DNS record(s) if DNS_TYPE_NS type is specified.

  • 100416_KB982228 - This update addresses a few memory leaks.

Component:  NK

  • 100429_KB982192 - Kernel may call OEMGLOBAL::pfnNotifyReschedule after OEMGLOBAL::pfnNotifyThreadExit was called for this thread.

Component:  NTLM

  • 100416_KB981841 - Users may not be able to connect to the Widows Embedded CE 6.0 file share from Windows Vista or Windows 7.

  • 100430_KB980997 - This update adds Unicode support to the NTLMSSP for client side APIs and server side APIs. The SSP now negotiates Unicode support with the remote end (client or server) and then uses Unicode character set if the remote end also supports it.

Component:  RDP

  • 100429_KB982527 - Terminal server Applications may not be able to read the data off serial port buffer as the Output buffer length does not get updated.Data send from the client is not received by the redirected serial port on the server.

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