Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ford Sync 911 Assist and how useful such services can be.

I guess alot of people have been asking themselves whether or not a Microsoft Embedded Operating System such as Microsoft Auto can compete with other Operating Systems in the automotive area.

I mean, how often did/do we hear jokes like: "... close all of the windows ... and restart!

And how useful are the connected services which come hand-in-hand with the Microsoft Auto Software Platform? Will they really work when we depend on them?

Well, back in the US somebody, unfortunately, has been able to try one of these services running on Ford's sync platform - 911 Assist. Fortunately with nobody harmed:

"These email is to commend Ford for their safety features because if it weren't for them I would have probably been hurt a lot worse.

On February 18th of 2009 I was in a major accident in Rockville, MD that totaled my brand new, less than 2 day old Ford Escape. :( ... While driving to a doctors appointment, I was broadsided by a Ford minivan which smashed into the passenger side door and bent the door and frame in. ... After shaking my head and realizing what had happened I heard a voice say "I sense you were in an accident, calling 911" The Microsoft sync system that I had setup the day before with my cell phone had called 911 for me. ... I thought this stuff was only in commercials on TV/Radio. It really does work!!! The police arrived within minutes of the accident and 2 fire trucks also arrived a few minutes later. ... When I bought the truck I didn't even look at the safety features the truck had. I am very impressed! ..."

No, this does not mean, go crash your Ford and try it out - especially if you're in Europe, as the Sync Platform is not available there yet - but it does give you a better feeling, knowing it works!

By the way, the 911 Assist application was written and integrated into the Sync platform by the guys from EB.

You can read the whole story here.

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