Friday, 29 May 2009

EB shows integrated Internet-connected navigation system

EB (Elektrobit) will be showing their navigation solution (EB street director) running on the Microsoft Auto Platform at the 9th annual Telematics Detroit 2009 Conference & Exhibition.

EB street director utilizes Microsoft's Live Search for Devices technology to show the user's search results on the map and also to turn these into routable destinations (POI) giving the user access to a comprehensive and uptodate list of POIs (Point of Interest).

So, if you're in the Detroit area from June 2nd - June 3rd, drop by to find out how you can use EB street director to integrate your own applications and services and take your solution one step further. You will find EB in Area 51 ... I mean at Booth 51.

So long and thanks for all the fish!


Offbeatmammal said...

as a consumer looking to retro-fit a smart navigation/entertainment system to my car (dual DIN so space for a reasonable screen and a CE device) I find it incredibly frustrating that Microsoft doesn't offer a solution - it offers a bunch of disparate parts that require a degree in rocket science to put together.
I can buy a (CE based) Pioneer head unit (for instance) but as it doesn't support ODB-II monitoring I've got to go without the functionality.

I fully expect Google (via a partner) to deliver an afforadable Android based solution that leverages Google Maps etc within the next 12 months, yet MS who have had a platform for years (and technologies such as LS4D, Sync, VE, Zune etc that would make an awesome and very complete solution) will get left as an also ran

Damian Barnett said...

I can understand the frustration and like you also believe there will be an Android based solution available in the near future - however I don't think it will be in the next 12 months.

As for the technologies part, it does seem as if Microsoft has been sleeping throughout some of the past innovation - take a look at the devices using Google Search compared to the devices using LS4D - however I'm also quite sure that we will see more devices in the near future leveraging more technologies and turnig the experience of retro-fit (Microsoft OS based) navigation/entertainment systems into something we expect.