Thursday, 7 May 2009

Windows Embedded CE 6.0: Catalog file issue

Hi folks,

you might have noticed, that the new catalog file format in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 does not have a GUID as a unique identifier anymore. Instead the unique id is now a string. When using the Catalog Editor to create a new catalog item, it will check whether this id is unique and tell you so if it isn’t. However if you switch to the source view to edit your catalog item, this check is no longer performed. Now if you specify a unique id that is in fact not unique, your catalog item will no longer appear in the catalog nor will any subdirectories you might have created be displayed anymore in the Catolog Editor.

To avoid this problem of multiple unique identifiers it is recommended that you choose your unique id as follows:

Item:<Vendor name>:<unique description>:<BSP name>

Have fun!

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