Friday, 3 April 2009

News from ESC West

Microsoft - in person Kevin Dallas, WEB General Manager - made three anouncements during the keynote at the ESC West, which closed yesterday.
  1. The probably most important announcement for developers is that Microsoft is now offering a MSDN Embedded Subscription which gives you access to all of the Windows Embedded development tools, Visual Studio, Desktop O/S, and Windows Embedded Server.
    Windows Embedded Server? That's right and it leads us to the second announcement.

  2. Windows Embedded Server has joined the Windows Embedded family.
    As you know this family includes Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE), Windows Embedded Standard, the Windows Embedded *Ready products as well as non embedded products with embedded licensing SKUs, such as Windows Embedded Enterprise and now Windows Embedded Server. I nicked this picture from Mike (Thanks Mike :-) which gives you the overall picture.

    I wonder when .NET MicroFramework will eventually become part of this family?

  3. If you read Holger's post and if you are already working with Windows Embedded Compact, aka CE, then you know how tedious it can be to keep an overview of installed QFE's, Service Packs etc.
    In this case the third announcement is for you. Allthough not available yet, Microsoft will soon be delivering a Windows Embedded Developer Update Agent which will hopefully take some of the effort of your hands.
    Windows Embedded Developer Update will check your system for QFE's, Service Packs etc. and will allow you to update your System as you desire.
    From my point of view, all I can say is: About time, too!
    I'll let you know, as soon as the update agent becomes available.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

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