Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Windows CE QFEs for month of March 2009 arrived

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the latest Windows CE updates have been recently released and are available for download. Some important issues (especially the fix the .Net compact framework v3.5) have been resolved so get them now! More information for each update is provided in the Readme document available after the individual update(s) has been installed.

Windows CE 6.0 Platform Builder Monthly Update (March 2009)

Download Link:

Download this set of updates for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 released during the period of March 1 - March 31, 2009. These updates are fixes for Windows Embedded CE operating system problems you run into during the development and maintenance of your custom platform.

Fixed issues in this update:

Component: Direct X

090331_KB968339 - This update addresses the incorrect handling of an index into the pOverlays array in the DirectDraw GBL.

090331_KB969484 - This fix installs updated files to resolve some dependency issues.

Component: .NET compact framework v3.5

090320_KB969240 - SSL decryption may break and cause NETCF to reset connection if an empty encryption packet is sent by HTTPs server.

Component: RDP

090331_KB968448 - Inside an RDP session, when attempting to copy files to a redirected USB drive on Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device from a Windows 2008 Server, the incorrect volume size information may be used to verify the transfer can occur.

Component: VOIP
090324_KB968794 - Updated list of source files for FP_VOIP.

Component: WININET

090324_KB968548 - This update addresses the issue with WININET using AcquireCred/FreeCred APIs incorrectly.

Keep your OS up to date!

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