Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bit Twiddling for Dummies

Ever been annoyed by number conversion?

May be it's time to look at this tiny tool. During the last years it has evolved from a simple hex-dec converter to a quite powerful gadget. And depart from cooking and dishwashing you can use it for your everyday twiddling.

Here are some screen shots:

You can select a file which describes bits of a 32 bit value. The list view at the right side shows the status of the bits or bit masks.

Load a identifier-value list (here "VK_xx.lst") and simply select one of the defined values in the drop down list below. The value controls will be updated immediately - naturally

Convinced? You can download a setup executable or the standalone executable from http://cid-0eb8b2026ec93d96.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public/BitTwiddler


BitFummler, Download bei heise

Oh, something I forgot to mention (one of my colleagues uses BitTwiddler since 2003 and didn't know :-) : In the bottom edit control you can enter c-like syntax, with variables 'a'-'z' where 'x' is the currently displayed value. The c-parser supports for/while/if/else statement, all c (?) operators (except pre-increment/-decrement etc.).

And if you want to monitor a value displayed in another applications control window just click the "Monitor" button and move the top of the arrow to the control.

Try it and have fun :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jürgen,

great tool, thanks!

Valter Minute said...

Great tool.
I waste a lot of time writing down bit sequences to compare values inside registers to the datasheets and this tool is a great timesaver!