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Windows CE Live Chat Transcript July 2010

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Just in case you missed the MS Live chat today, the transcript of the chat is available here.

Q: [1] What is the plans for Silverlight Web for CE? If it will be possible to use the same silverlight >= 2.0 what CPU/Memory will be required

A: We are continuing to evaluate the plans to bring Silverlight in the Browser support to the CE product line. We don't have details to share at this time. Silverlight for Windows Embedded delivers the same SL based UX expierence in a out of the browser hosting model. You can use the same rich designer tools (Expression Blend) And VS to build and test the application while takeing advantage of embedded hardware capabilites such as GPU offloading and hardware based media playback.

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:18]:

Q: [7] Can you answer any questions around Windows Embedded HandHeldTerminal?

A: Yes we can answer questions around Handheld Terminal

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:19]:

Q: [5] Yep, to echo Bob's question, is there any word about whether application development for Compact 7 platforms will be supported in Visual Studio 2010? (Is it a 'no, never' thing, a 'yes, this is coming' thing, or a 'yeah, maybe someday' thing?)

A: The Windows Embedded team is currently focused on delivering the next major version of the Windows CE OS, Windows Embedded Compact 7, which will be released later this year. Windows Embedded Compact 7 will also provide an updated version of the Platform Builder development tools as a plug-in to Visual Studio 2008. With Compact 7, the Embedded community will continue to have the same great support for developing drivers, OS images, and applications as they do with the current available version, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3. The enterprise support lifecycle will ensure that the Embedded development community has the needed support in Visual Studio 2008 throughout 2017.
The Windows Embedded team is working with the Visual Studio team to determine whether and how Windows Embedded Compact support would be added to Visual Studio 2010, but as of now there is nothing planned. For those developers also creating applications for Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio 2010 will install side-by-side with Visual Studio 2008.

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:19]:

Q: [4] I mean VS 2010

A: answered as part of Question #5

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:19]:

Q: [3] I have heard a lot of confusing and contradictory reports of support for Smart Devices running WIndows CE in VS 2008? What's the official line?

A: answered as part of Question #5

GLanger[MS] (Expert)[18:30]:

Q: [8] How will Embedded Compact 7 be different from WinCE? Is it totally new or based on WinCE 6.0? It's a bit confusing/concerning that I've found very little as to what Embedded Compact 7 will be. With the release this fall can you share any more details or point me to a web page with more information

A: Hi Mike, Windows Embedded Compact 7 is based on previous OS releases and adds new features. The best source of information is There's information about the upcoming release and you can register to download a Public Community Technology Preview copy for evaluation now.

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:40]:

Q: [9] Who licenses the Windows Embedded HandHeldTerminal - Microsoft or distributor?

A: For OEMs we have a few direct relationships but the majority of the OEMs go through distribution. BSquare is the only distributor for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Handheld today.

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:42]:

Q: [11] Hi
I have some questions about the Silverlight for Windows Embedded
1.Should microsoft support the Silverlight for Windows Embedded with manage code in next version ,such as C#?
2.Why currently verion Silverlight for Windows Embedded do not support the "DispatcherTimer" and "Dispatcher",
How can I update the UI use another thread?

A: It is not recommended to update the UI in a second thread, but it’s possible if the VisualHost is created with AllowsMultipleThreadAccess. <>; . Working on responses for the other questions and will post when information is available.

Travis Hobrla [MS] (Expert)[18:44]:

Q: [10] Is there any plan for the Direct2D or DirectWrite APIs to be supported in Compact 7?

A: No, there is no planned support for this.

davbo-msft (Moderator)[18:48]:

Q: [6] To follow up my question, Win7 phones use Silverlight Web, correct? Can you elablorate why Embedded CE 7 is different? The issue with Silverlight Embedded is that now I have two sets of code behind and then also have to re-write the app twice. It is difficult to justify this approach. Please take this and encouragement and not a complaint. I understand issues with CPU and memory but the C++ only Silverlight is something of a non-starter.

A: To our knowledge Win7 Phone doesn't use Silverlight in a browser. The same XAML can be used in both WinCE and WP7 but yes the code behind the XAML is different between WinCE and WP7.

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