Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 QFEs for June 2010 have arrived!

Hi all,

The June updates for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 are available for download:

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update June 2010:

Fixes made in this update:

Component: COMM
  • 100614_KB2132759 - Memory leaks may occur when objects are instantiated but are not deleted appropriately.
  • 100614_KB2201469 - On platforms without GWES, the redirector waits for GWES's initialization until timeout. Default timeout 60 seconds is too long for some scenarios.

Component: COREOS
  • 100616_KB2028762 - This update addresses a memory leak.
  • 100625_KB2175412 - Function call to _wfdopen may result in exception.
  • 100629_KB2249451 - The buffer size for ToolHelp snapshot is fixed to 4MB. For systems with large number of heaps and large heap sizes, some heap information is missing from the ToolHelp snapshot.

Component: DirectX
  • 100630_KB2076770 - This update addresses the issue with the API IMediaSeeking::GetCurrentPosition() returning wrong value when the rate changes.

Component: Filesys
  • 100603_KB982220 - Memory leak may occur while un-mounting and mounting NAND Flash file system through predefined API.
  • 100604_KB2159499 - NAND corruption may occur when power dropps during NAND Flash Driver un-mount.
  • 100614_KB982817 - Error message "failed formatting" shows in debug builds regardless the status of the format results.

Component: Kernel
  • 100612_KB977855 - This update enables write-allocate feature to improve ARM Coretex-A8 L2 Cache performance in kernel.
  • 100614_KB2165755 - Under certain circumstances a page fault in KCall may occur.
  • 100629_KB2250984 - This update installs missing source files necessary for building LMEM.

Component: MSFlash
  • 100615_KB2128768 - File system corruption may occur when trying to access bad block in the free list.

Component: NetConnectionsUI
  • 100604_KB2127600 - Memory leak may occur when the LoadLibrary API is used but there is no corresponding FreeLibrary API call.

Component: RDP
  • 100629_KB2211240 - The hour glass shows when image does not have SYSGEN_CURSOR defined.

Component: RTC
  • 100625_KB2259100 - Windows Embedded CE 6.0 client may not correctly parse SIP header without angle brackets.

Remember: it’s important to keep your system up to date!

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