Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango problems / bugs

Hi folks,

Even though they only affect a very small percentage (under 1%) of users, there are several bugs in connection with Windows Phone (WP) 7.5 – both with updated phones as well as new WP 7.5 devices:

You can find a list of user reported WP7.5 bugs here on wmpoweruser.com. Hope your Mango is working well and without any incidents!

Don’t let this keep you from updating to Mango; your benefit it much greater!

Have fun!

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MSBassSinger said...

Be very careful if you change your LiveID. It will make your Windows Live connection useless on the phone. Why did MS allow a design flaw to persist from WP7 to WP7.5 such that the Windows LiveID cannot be edited? When changing the LiveID, it renders the WP unable to update or do other things that depend on the LiveID. I have contacted Support (CaseID 1165217901), and they refuse to even consider it a problem. I am supposed to just reset my phone and lose all my data. That is totally unprofessional.