Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Daily SCRUM at TechEd08

Hello guys,

today at 9:00 am I attended the "daily SCRUM" here at TechEd in Barcelona. Early in the morning, but .... we started with the well-known daily SCRUM questions:

what I did yesterday?

what will I do today?

do I have any impediments?

The answers are secret :)
It was quite interesting and very agile. Great!!!!

After a short introduction to the basics of Scrum like: the Scrum Master, team, product owner, burn down and of course the daily Scrum, Stephen Forte discussed with us about our experiences with SCRUM.

It was amazing to see, how many pepole are using or want to use SCRUM in their software project. For me as a certified Scrum Master was this very satisfying, that SCRUM is becoming more and more popular.

If you want to hear more about SCRUM and you're in Barcelona on Wednesday ? Then, visit Damian's presentatoin in theatre 2.

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