Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Save the dates!

Hi folks,

if you're interested in Kiosk Solutions or Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems (XP Pro FES) then you will want to mark the following dates in your calendar:

Windows Embedded Vertical Focus: Kiosk Solutions
Sylvain Ekel, Microsoft Systems Engineer, will take you through the key features of the Windows Embedded Technologies which are suitable for kiosk solutions.
To register for this 60 min webinar click here - and win a Digital Picture Frame.

Attend this 60 min webinar and learn about the key differences between Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems including an overview on the product's technical features, and it's availability through the OEM Embedded Devices (OED) channel until 2016.
To register click here - and win a Digital Picture Frame.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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