Friday, 28 November 2008

SPARKs start to fly

So! The SPARKs Will Fly contest was officially launched at ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) in Boston - a month ago! But what hardware platform to go for? There are five complete kits (containing hardware, Visual Studio 2005 Pro and PlatformBuilder (Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 Full Versions) offered. Only restriction on software is: no commercial use! Advantech, VIA, ICop are more PC alike systems on x86 compatible CPUs. VIA Artigo even needs active cooling. The real ultra low powered embedded devices from Special Computing and Keith & Koep run on an ARM core. Keith & Koep's Trizeps4 platform (312MHz and 520MHz version) is hosted by a small and feature rich base board much smaller than Artigo. That's why it is my personal favorite even compared to the small GUMSTIX from Special Computing. Which one's your preferred platform here? This weekend I will obviously start playing around with my Trizeps4/520MHz. Bye... and have a nice weekend!

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