Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Dare to dream with .NET Micro Framework

Hello guys,

I want to give you my impressions from the "Running on the metal with .NET Micro Framework" Session with John Leier today.

John gave the broad overview about the .NET Micro Framework 3.0, which allows developers to quickly create smart connected embedded devices using Visual Studio 2008 and C#, without the added complexity of an underlying operating system. John talked about the market possibilities, architecture, hardware requirements and last but not least the new features in the version 3.0.

The most impressing feature to me, was the possibility of "linking" native code into the managed code with .NET Microframework:
- define "Native Methods" region in your managed code
- generate the native stubs
- fill your native code into the generated stubs

That's it!

In my opinion, .NET Microframework gives us many new chances, where very small solutions are required.
You have ideas for new cool devices with .NET Micro Framework? Then participate in the
"Dare to Dream Different Contest"

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