Monday, 13 July 2009

Using Gestures in Windows Mobile 6.5

Hello guys,

there is a new MSDN article about gestures for Windows Mobile 6.5.

"Touch gestures describe gestures in which you use a finger or stylus to make a short, directional movement over a control or object on the screen. Most gestures are a single stroke. Therefore, they correspond to one finger–down (WM_LBUTTONDOWN) and finger–up (WM_LBUTTONUP) event pair. The exception is double tap, in which there are two finger–down and finger–up event pairs in short succession. Gestures are recognized based on finger–down and finger–up events, plus the direction, position, and velocity calculated by the gesture recognizer."

Windows Mobile 6.5 supports five kinds of gestures:
  • Tap

  • Double Tap

  • Hold

  • Flick

  • Pan

Are you interessted in? Then check out this new document at MSDN.
Have fun!

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