Monday, 27 July 2009

Windows CE: The whole truth about your image

Hi folks,

as you know, after successfully building your image, your Release Directory holds a whole lot of files. The question is which of these files will be part of your image and which ones won’t?

Only the files that are defined in the MODULES or FILES section of the numerous .bib (Binary Image Builder) files in your system will be part of your image. But don’t worry, you don’t have to look though all .bib files there is a much simpler way: in the Make Image step of your build system all previously filtered .bib files are combined to a single .bib file called CE.bib, which contains the whole truth about your image! Only the files listed here are actually in your NK.bin image file. But keep in mind the CE.bib is a generated file and will be created every time you call makeimg so editing this file is not a good idea.

If you also want to know the initial registry settings, directory structure and/or entries in the CE Database of your image you can consult the files reginit.ini, initobj.dat and initdb.ini respectively. Keep in mind that these files are also generated in the Make Image phase of your build system.

If you are running Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and up you can simply open your NK.bin file from within PlatformBuilder and you will get a graphical representation of all the files and registry settings of your image.

Have fun!

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