Monday, 7 June 2010

TechEd – Day 1

Hello again,

Welcome to TechED North America in New Orleans! Everything is just starting here: I just attended the keynote where Bob Muglia, Server and Tools Business President, talked about the new exciting development in Cloud Computing. He also announced the availability of new technologies such as .NET Framework 4.0, new VS2010 tools & SDK such as IntelliTrace for Windows Azure.

I’ll be at the Windows Embedded Technical Learning Center in Hall D until 9 pm tonight, see you there!

Have fun!

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TuneUp said...

Hey, what did you think of Bob Muglia’s predictions for the future of cloud computing? I’m wondering if the streamlining of all platforms will really happen. Did you also attend the session with Brad McCabe, the product manager for Windows, on the second day? He mentioned some interesting ways to help make Vista and Windows 7 run more efficiently, such as “MSDaRT,” part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. You can actually burn MSDaRT to a CD and perform troubleshooting on every computer that crashes. If you are interested, this post has more info: