Friday, 18 June 2010

TechED North America Recap

Hi all,

Now that I’ve been back from New Orleans for nearly a week, I want to share a little recap of my first TechED with you:

For those of you who haven’t been there, you really missed quite a lot of very interesting and helpful Windows Embedded Sessions. Microsoft, MVPs and Microsoft Partner shared a lot of insight information about the new Windows Embedded OSes Windows Embedded Standard 7 as well as Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Alongside the deep technical information, there were also a lot of demonstrations as well as the possibility for you to get to know these new Embedded Products yourself in the self-paced Hands-On labs. Another very useful session was the “Round Table” we had for Windows Embedded Compact 7 where you could ask all questions you had as well as let Microsoft know any suggestions and critique.

Last but not least there was a lot to explore at the Technical Learning Center where a lot of professionals not only directly from Microsoft were happy to answer each and every of your questions.

If you couldn’t make it to New Orleans or if you want to revisit some of the sessions, you can watch and download them here. To find the Windows Embedded sessions simply type WEM in the search field in the upper right hand corner.

Besides form the technical part, New Orleans as a city had also a lot to offer…

I want to thank everybody for the great experience I had!

Have fun!

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